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Product introduction
We produce and sell the following products.

Tuyere, Tuyere cooler

The tuyere and tuyere cooler are used in the blast furnace.

Lance nozzle

The lance nozzle is used in the Basic Oxygen Furnace(BOF).

Cooling plate

The cooling plate is used in the blast furnace.

Copper stave

It is used for the same purpose as the cooling plate.

Hot blast valve, Hot blast valve seat

The hot blast valve and hot blast valve seat is used in the hot stove.

Water cooled slug runner

This is another example of GOTO GOKIN's flawless casting making advances in a new industrial field. Not only does copper work effectively to cool slugs but also , because of its efficiency, saves labor considerably.

Electrode holder

The electrode holder is used in the electric furnace.

Copper panel

The copper panel is used in the various furnaces.

Contact clamp

The contact clamp is used in the smelting furnace.
General industrial machinery parts

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