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General background

GOTO GOKIN was founded in 1926 as GOTO GOKIN CHUKOSHO and reorganized as a corporation in 1937. It was finally named as to GOTO GOKIN Co,Ltd in l973. Since its foundation GOTO GOKIN has built a reputation for itself as a specialist in the field of pure copper casting which is said to be a field requiring the most exacting of techniques.
Over the years consistent research and development of high technology have contributed to this end.
GOTO GOKIN makes good use of the high thermal conductivity of copper in jacket-type castings which have to function under conditions of extreme heat without melting, including those products which are installed in equipment to cool areas by absorbing and dissipating heat.
In 1959, we received the Okochi Memorial Prize for our distinguished services in overcoming the difficulties associated with the casting of pure copper, especially in the casting of tuyeres,tuyere coolers, cooling plates, hot blast valves and seats for blast furnaces.
Other than the above mentioned, we have been producing not only copper staves and water-cooled slug runners for blast furnaces but also lance and sub-lance nozzles and copper plates for molds in continuous casting for steel making.
In the general industrial machinery field, we produce electrode holders and cooling plates for the walls of electric furnaces. In addition, we produce a range of electric instrumental parts cast in pure copper utilizing the high electrical conductivity of copper.
In this way, GOTO GOKIN has built a name for itself by continuously supplying products of the highest reliability to customers both domestic and overseas.

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